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Our optical boutique

Our optical boutique offers full optical services. Our goal is for you to be confident and happy with your eyewear decisions and we strive to give every patient the highest level of personal attention. With over five hundred beautiful frames to choose from, we are confident that we can cater to your own unique and individual needs. We offer the most current styles, shapes, and colors, from the top designers, to compliment any face. Our optical boutique offers the most current, advanced lens technology and all recommendations are based on your individual prescriptions, needs, and lifestyle.

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Different type of Lenses

Lenses for glasses are either single-vision or multifocal.

Single Vision Lenses

These lenses have only one correction on them; only for reading or only for distance correction. Multifocal lenses correct more than one vision problem. They may correct for distance, intermediate, and near distances. With aging, multifocal lenses become a necessity for most people. The natural lens in the eye loses it elasticity and makes seeing near objects more difficult.

Multifocal Lenses

Bifocals: These lenses are divided in two segments. The top part is used for distance vision and the bottom part is used for close vision.

Trifocals: These are just like bifocals, except the lens is divided into three segments. The top is for distance vision, the middle for intermediate vision, and the bottom for close-up or near vision. There are visible lines that divide these sections.

Progressive no-line multifocal lenses: Progressive lenses have no visible line in the lens dividing the segments for distance, intermediate, and close-up vision. Instead there is a smooth transition between the sections of the lens. Initially, learning to see with progressive lenses may be awkward but many users of this type of lenses find them to be worth the initial trouble since they can provide useful vision at several distances.

Lens Type
Anti-Reflective Lenses
  • Increased light transmission with lens.
  • Reduced reflection of light from/on the surface of the lens.
  • Reduced eye strain.
  • You’ll see better at night while driving.
  • Others will be able to see your eyes
    better and clearer.
  • You’ll notice a reduction in glare and
    ghost images when wearing these
High Index Lenses
  • Lower specific gravity lens
  • High index of refraction with
  • You’ll notice this lens is lighter and
    thinner than others.
  • This lens type looks thinner in the frame.
  • With this lens type, other people can’t
    tell that you have a strong prescription.
Photochromic Lenses
  • UV light activates the crystals in the lens to make it darker.
  • The lens blocks UV light.
  • Because these lenses block harmful UV light, they prevent damage that
    could otherwise be done to your eyes.
  • You’ll notice the lens has no tint while
    indoors, however when you’re outside,
    it darkens.
  • You can combine sun protection with
    a regular indoor lens as this is a dual
    purpose lens (indoor & outdoor).
Polarized Lenses
  • Blocks horizontal reflected light.
  • Best sun lenses for reflections
    off of flat surfaces.
  • This lens is best for the sun when you
  • This lens can block the glare from
    water, road, snow or any shiny surface
    for you.
Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Higher index lens.
  • Superior impact-resistant lens
    with a UV filter.
  • Lighter weight lens.
  • This lens type is thinner and lighter
    for your comfort.
  • Your children will be safer in these
    lenses because the lenses won’t
  • These lenses are great for sports
    because they are the strongest plastic
Progressive Lenses
  • Multifocal lens.
  • There is no image-jumping with
    this lens.
  • Gradual change in the power
    from the top of the lens to the
  • There are no lines on the lenses.
  • Because there is no image-jumping
    with this lens, it is more like natural vision.
  • You’ll notice there are no lines in this
    lens, making it more attractive on your
  • With this lens type, you can see from
    a distance, sit at a computer, and read
    up close.
  • When you wear this type of lens, it
    makes you look younger.
UV Protective Lenses
  • This lens protects the eyes from the sun and UV rays.
  • This lens helps prevent a number of
    serious eye diseases.