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What You Don’t Know about Pterygium Can Hurt You

May 17, 2012

Pterygium, also know as Surfer’s Eye, refers to a growth of the conjunctiva. Most commonly the growth will be on the nose side of the sclera (white of the eye). The causes of Pterygium are thought to be over-exposure to ultraviolet light, low humidity and dust. Surfer’s Eye is actually twice as likely to occur in men than women. It’s little things like this which highlight how important it is to see a San Jose Eye Doctor.

Pterygium is mostly associated with excessive exposure of the eye to wind or the sun (hence the surfer reference).  An easy way to help prevent it is by wearing sunglasses with side shields or a wide brimmed hat. Also, artificial tears can help keep the eye moist instead of drying out. Athletes can also wear eye protection that blocks out 100 percent of UV rays from the water (or the snow).

Symptoms of Surfer’s Eye include redness in the eye for an extended period of time, inflammation, frequent tearing (which can lead to bleeding, dryness and itchiness). It can also affect a person’s vision over an extended period of time.

If you are unaware of how such eye aliments can impact your everyday life, you need to speak with a qualified San Jose Eye Doctor. Dr. Sayed Jovkar has worked with people facing various eye ailments, include pterygium, cataracts and glaucoma. His knowledge of the eye extensive and can help keep your eyes looking and feeling healthy for years to come. For most people, eye issues happen out of the blue, but what they do not understand is that most of these issues are preventable.

For people in the San Jose area, Dr. Jovkar can help treat many serious eye ailments or provide qualified advice on how to prevent such issues. Preventative measures are not only the best way to avoid eye issues, they are often the least expensive way to deal with eye problems such as Surfer’s Eye. We offer advanced techniques for pterygium surgery.

If you are looking for a San Jose Eye Doctor who can help you get the proper prescriptions and eye care, and who can also make sure you’re comfortable, call the offices of Dr. Jovkar at (408) 985-2020.

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