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Higher order aberrations may be corrected with special lenses

March 16, 2011

Higher order aberrations (HOAs) are a result of the eye's imperfect optical system. HOAs may result in glare, halos, blur, and hazy vision.  HOAs tend to become worse as the pupils enlarge, which occurs more commenly in the dark at night. The corrective options include wave-front-guided refractive laser vision correction. However, recently, there are commercially available technology that appear promising to deal with HOAs. These are glasses (spectacle lenses), and soft contact lenses that appear to correct the HOAs. In a work done at the US Navy Medical Center, patients wearing HOA-corective lenses were able to detect, react and recognize a pedestrian in the road on average 20 feeet before non-HOA-corrective lenses.

Sayed Jovkar, M.D.

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