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Contact Lenses - What’s Right for You?

June 15, 2012

Contact lenses are increasingly common in America today. Typically, people who need to have their vision corrected, but who prefer to go without glasses, have made contact lenses their main choice. However, with the invention of tinted contact lenses, there is an increasingly large group that desires contacts for aesthetic purposes, using them on a Friday night or for a costume purpose.

Vision Correction

The main purpose for contact lenses is vision correction. Dr. Sayed Jovkar, a San Jose Eye Doctor, has been helping people get the contacts they need for many years. He has seen the evolution of contacts, from small pieces of glass that could potentially break, to the creation of “soft lenses” to the new daily or weekly lenses that the consumer can throw away.

 There are different brands, many of which cater to different types of eyes. Some people have dry eyes, some sensitive, some shaped differently and some have a combination. If a person does not have the right type of contact lens it can irritate the eye and make for an uncomfortable experience. An important key is find the doctor who can help fit you for the proper type of contact lens.



If you are more interested in a different look than correcting your vision, cosmetic contact lenses may also be a good choice. Changing your eye color, wearing contacts that make you look like a reptile or alien or wearing contacts that are tremendously bright are all potential options. The cost, the impact on your eye, the safety of a particular brand and more are all issues which a good San Jose Eye Doctor can address with you.

Just buying contacts off of a shelf at a store may not be the best idea, at least until you speak with an eye doctor who can help you make a wise choice depending upon your eye issues.


Finding a Good San Jose Eye Doctor

If you are looking for contact lenses in San Jose, and looking for an eye doctor who can help you with that, and other eye care, and who can also make sure you're comfortable, call Dr. Sayed Jovkar at (408) 985-2020.

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