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June 03, 2012

Do You Need This Surgery?

Blepharoplasty, a surgical modification of the eyelid, is one of the many surgical procedures involving the eye that is gaining popularity. During the surgery, the eye surgeon removes excess tissue (skin and fat) or repositions them. Surrounding muscle and tendons may be reinforced during this surgery, which is both cosmetic and functional in purpose.

 The surgery has been around for some time, but recent medical advances have made it easier and quicker to perform this surgery. Many people are frightened when the word surgery is mentioned, and even more so when the surgery involves something as vital as one’s vision.


This surgery often serves a functional purpose, and is not purely cosmetic. If a person has a great deal of upper eyelid skin, the skin could sag over the eye and create a hazard, especially when driving. It interferes with your peripheral vision, making it hard to do certain activities, such as reading. Removing the excess skin helps the person see better and creates more safety on the roads.

You may have noticed an older person in your family with “droopy” eyelids, and the reality is that this can be solved with surgery. It can actually be hazardous, so finding a good solution is important.


People interested in eliminating “droopy” eyelids in order to look younger can elect to have this particular surgery. It can improve puffy lower eyelids (bags under your eyes) and reduce the wrinkling of skin.

All cosmetic surgeries involve some of risk, but if a person feels it will enhance their appearance then finding a quality surgeon is the next logical step. According to some, surgeries such as this can help a person’s appearance without the need for major facial surgery such as a facelift.


For any eye surgery, there are always options that are seemingly “cheap” or that offer some other short cut. Discount surgeries are all the rage, but they can have serious consequences if anything is done wrong or improperly. Especially when dealing with the eyes and one’s vision, major precautions should be taken to ensure excellence. Some people in border states, such as California, Arizona and New Mexico are headed to other countries, for eye surgery. However, not ever country has the high medical standards of the United States, and saving a few bucks on a surgery may wind up costing you your eyesight. Call a San Jose Eye Doctor today to see what options are available in terms of surgery, payment plans, insurance options and more.

If you are looking to do cataract surgery or blepharoplasty in San Jose, and looking for an eye doctor who can help you with your cataract surgery in San Jose, and other eye care, and who can also make sure you’re comfortable, call the offices of Dr. Jovkar at (408) 985-2020.

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